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Hitoshura by creylune Hitoshura :iconcreylune:creylune 27 4 Teletubbie by Light-Schizophrenia Teletubbie :iconlight-schizophrenia:Light-Schizophrenia 1,057 236
It started with a tiny speckle,
Just big enough to see.
It wasn't worth a battle,
As it was just meant to be.
But slowly it became a dot,
A blackness covering the flesh.
It wasn't a reminder of what I forgot,
But a revelation of something fresh.
Slowly it continued to change,
As it started to from a stain.
Wondering how I can watch my face,
And don't think of that pain.
The blackness kept on growing,
As soon it soaked my heart.
No more flesh is showing,
The blackness no longer is a part.
I have become one with darkness,
Because of all the wrong I did.
Kept in tome by my calmness,
Yet every time it's strength grows a bit.
Soon a flood will wash all away,
The blackness will siege command.
I just can't keep it at bay,
I am the one who I have damned.
My own mistakes created it all,
At first it seemed so innocent.
But it soon grew so tall,
And my heart suffers imprisonment.
:iconmathios13:Mathios13 3 6
You Only Have So Much
Her fingers are dirty,
Her hair tangled.
She's a mess, some would say.
But at least her heart is pure.
His wrists covered in scars,
His stomach roaring with hunger.
He's damaged, some would say.
But at least his love is whole.
Her breathing is heavy,
And her skin is pale.
She's dying, some would say.
But at least she knows how to live.
At least a woman without a house
Knows how to make a home.
Hand her a loaf of bread,
And she won't devour it,
Because she knows how to treasure
The beauty in life.
At least a boy without a smile
Knows how to hold on,
Longer than someone who's never fallen,
And never dared to learn
How to fly.
At least a girl in the mobile chair
Knows how to capture a moment,
Because she can't quite be sure
How many moments really are
At least someone with so little
Can appreciate
And know
So much.
Because when you have so much...
You only have so little.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 233 31
On Writing
Write for today
And like it’s all
That’ll be left of you
Never write for popularity.
Write with clarity, but
‘Don’t make everything said’.
Write a million things;
An ode to the voice
Inside your head,
An elegy for the living,
A carpe diem for the dead.
Write to tell
People going
Through hell,
To just keep
They’ll find a way out.
Don’t write for approval,
Or judgement;
That way misery lies.
Poetry can’t be judged,
Not properly –
It’s subjective,
Different to
Different eyes.
Write for yourself;
Doesn’t matter if it’s
Good enough for
Anyone else.
You’ll never be Shakespeare.
But he’d never
Have been you;
Pour your heart into it,
That’s the best
That you can do.
:iconcorporaterockwhore:CorporateRockWhore 472 171
Nothing But A Puppet
I am nothing but a puppet,
A thing that you control.
A simple wooden toy,
I do not have a soul.
I am nothing but a puppet,
Someone to do your bidding.
Your demands from my body,
Relentless, unforgiving.
I am nothing but a puppet,
Your fingers pull my strings.
They pull in all directions,
Twisting, tangling.
I am nothing but a puppet,
My strings down by my sides,
Trailing closely right behind me,
My eternally bounding ties.
:iconcaylee-slansen:Caylee-Slansen 132 57
Moths and Aliens -on sale- by PixieCold Moths and Aliens -on sale- :iconpixiecold:PixieCold 2,373 75 Drugs by PixieCold Drugs :iconpixiecold:PixieCold 1,251 27 In my Mind -on sale- by PixieCold In my Mind -on sale- :iconpixiecold:PixieCold 2,869 117 City Ariel -on sale- by PixieCold City Ariel -on sale- :iconpixiecold:PixieCold 1,833 54 War In My Heart -on sale- by PixieCold War In My Heart -on sale- :iconpixiecold:PixieCold 1,267 27 fall by GeoArcus fall :icongeoarcus:GeoArcus 195 8 reincrntn by GeoArcus reincrntn :icongeoarcus:GeoArcus 330 15 gr.dg. by GeoArcus gr.dg. :icongeoarcus:GeoArcus 125 6 thanatos by KaNoir thanatos :iconkanoir:KaNoir 72 47 Mother : Giegue by Saira-Dragon Mother : Giegue :iconsaira-dragon:Saira-Dragon 17 5 Winters Journey - Earthbound by Viking011 Winters Journey - Earthbound :iconviking011:Viking011 90 26 Ness Engaged the Violent Roach by Viking011 Ness Engaged the Violent Roach :iconviking011:Viking011 52 6 When we were young by HeyFresco When we were young :iconheyfresco:HeyFresco 135 28 These freakin mushrooms by Boarzx These freakin mushrooms :iconboarzx:Boarzx 187 44
Humans are cruel.
Humans are killers.
Before guns it was knives
Before that it was stones
Invasions, burning homes,
Stealing lives and loves
Releasing crows and
Slaughtering doves.
Humans are good.
Humans are kind.
They live, love and laugh
They have the gift of hope
Helping them all to cope
Through evil human things
Sowing seeds and
Sewing angel wings.
Humans are strange.
Humans are incomplete.
Punches to kisses to games
Anger to love to insanity
Tragedy to crystal clarity
Whirlwinds of empty whims
Empty prayers and
Honest pseudonyms.
Humans are living.
Humans are dying.
Ashes to ashes, soul to Hell
Or perhaps to Heaven
No human can really tell
If even either is real.
:iconcorporaterockwhore:CorporateRockWhore 1,229 377
It Isn't Beautiful
I used to cut myself.
Some of the marks faded,
But some stayed
And now I’m forever jaded.
People have kissed my scars,
Others have turned away
But here is what I have to say;
It isn’t beautiful.
When it hurts to walk
Because your thighs are bleeding,
When you can’t talk
About the help you’re needing;
It isn’t beautiful.
When it’s boiling outside
But you have to wear sleeves
Because of your bloody little
It isn’t beautiful.
When your friends
Are scared of you,
For you,
Of the things you do;
It isn’t beautiful.
When you feel so worthless,
So down and out,
Used up and empty,
And all you do is shout
But nobody hears,
Because you silence it
With sleeves;
It isn’t beautiful.
When they find out
And you see how much,
How deeply they care
And they hate themselves
For not being aware;
It isn’t beautiful.
When they take it away,
And monitor you
And you’re itching all over,
Desperate for it,
For one last hit
And you
:iconcorporaterockwhore:CorporateRockWhore 1,601 937
Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne by 9999DamagePoints Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne :icon9999damagepoints:9999DamagePoints 30 15 Neko Shogun by Chicken008 Neko Shogun :iconchicken008:Chicken008 20 0


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