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His tyrannical grasp yet-resisted,
The cancer of God exists
As a silent village in the mist:

Hidden away by fate
And spared from the fiery gates.

But even having escaped God’s discernment,
Humanity is doomed to internment;
By devilish decree, their true release has met adjournment.

As brainwashed citizens erect temples of idolization,
Detractors painted their actions as abhorrent adulation.

The lone apostate’s preaching spread like illness,
And those craving knowledge and closure gleefully sing with shrillness;
They, too, had grown tired of living in repugnant stillness.

Heretical doctrines make the witches smirk,
As seasons of doubt and pestilence lurk.

The weary and broken flock to this new nation,
Gaining strength from self-empowerment’s deification;
Together, they carry the spirit of edification.

A budding silent revolution,
Teaching of prioritizing the self and true freedom’s restitution.

Fazed by persecution and conflicted,
Under harsh vices their words were restricted;
Twisted into monsters in the eyes of the devil’s tricked.

Thousands were slain in one fell swoop,
A great war from which nobody could recoup.

Disquiet and unrest shook the established regime,
And the administrator struggled to devise his scheme;
His power and influence over the masses was losing its steam.

Slowly, Lucifer saw his reign denied
By the very souls who revered him as a guide.

Realizing now that to strip them of their free will was gross hypocrisy,
He cradled his crushed dreams of autocracy,
Mirroring the last moments of God’s theocracy.

For they have strayed too far from the path he had been paving,
He, too, saw that humans were beyond saving.

Humans are but puppets of their own apparitions,
Striving after the wind to accomplish an impossible mission;
Driven aimlessly by empty motivation.

Pathetic, weak, confused and disenchanted,
Lucifer saw the fruitfulness, hope and spirit true freedom had implanted.

And as he stumbled away from his lofty throne,
Tormented by the sight of his subject’s atoned,
The rejuvenated air was relieved of the night’s panged moans.
This is basically where everything culminates. You should totally read everything before. c:
From one man's dream comes a revolution. With enough willpower you can persuade others, even if the future seems too bleak to be fixed. I guess you can compare this to social movements and the like. More like Rage Against the Heavens in this case.

But by rebelling against oppressive authority, you can open up new possibilities for yourself, yeah?

I dislike applying literature to real life, haha.

(Poor Lucy, though~)
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Submitted on
August 7, 2014