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Is this the will of God?
That death and misery be spread abroad?
And after all this, He still paints us flawed?

He ups and abandons us,
Allowing us to suck our own pus?

How disgustingly irrational and rash,
Pouring salt over your own child’s gash
And leaving them to die in this storm of ash.

And for what?
Because we brought “reproach” and “smut?”

A path of life, liberty and happiness we lit;
Endured hardships together to weave our gorgeous knit...
What bullshit.

Selfishly demanding willing worship and grand shrines…
God’s no friend of mine.

And in His leave,
Humanity has tugged at Lucifer’s sleeve,
And yet under his wing, we can only be aggrieved.

An act of pitiful self-delusion;
What can we stand to gain from this unholy collusion?

He stands undaunted, exploiting us to his benefit;
Brainwashing the masses with his captivating wit,
And nobody’s willing to rebel against the compassionate veneer he emits?

He’s a tyrant who denies us our free will
Unless we submit in honor, love and respect with thrill.

Is this the true solution?
A dark future of demonic revolution,
Only to be snuffed by divine retribution?

What you suggest is no kindness,
That all men should lead with blindness.

I will not follow;
I will not take the drug of naivety to swallow;
Nor will I sway to your words so hollow.

Humanity’s potential is so great
That they would even defy fate.

Life is a wealth of possibility,
So let us remedy this debility
And escape sickening docility.

With our own hands, we’ll build a magnificent nation,
And at the hands of man, both angel and demon shall face desecration.

This is the will of humankind:
That all men should be freed from both God’s and Lucifer’s binds,
For the sake of all those victimized by controlling, corrupt minds.
I guess this is where the story shifts, yeah? You might wanna backtrack to previous entries if you haven't read them.
There's not much to bottomline, haha. Now the fireworks start...
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Submitted on
August 7, 2014