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The ultimate outcome of God’s foiled reign,
Or a product of Mother Earth’s grain?
The fact remains that this is the end of the humane.

The end of the world approached
Just as men on God’s name once encroached.

Out of the deep black void came:
Roaring, scorching, torrential flame,
Stigmatizing the son of man with the ultimate shame.

And on that day,
Mother Earth was cast into the gray.

Washed in oceans of ash and dust,
Metropolises were left to rust
A symbol of man’s once-glory, they were abandoned with disgust.

Amidst panic and confusion,
The harsh reality destroyed hopeful illusion after illusion.

And once the dust ceased,
And life turned to grief on a mountain of the deceased,
The truth arose like dough and yeast.

The proof was in the mourning air:
Stale and bitter, even with the murmur of an earnest prayer.

God had abandoned Earth,
Deeming it devoid of all worth,
Just as it had been at the time of its birth.

Disenchanted, enraged, and lost
And with no other futile options to exhaust,
Humanity had but one more line uncrossed.

With life’s vital support disconnected,
A substitute was needed to aid God’s neglected.

A blasted world, invaded by foreign eyes,
A booming voice rings from above the jaded skies.
Lucifer extends a welcoming hand, hearing humanity’s anguished cries.
The second entry in the System at a Fault saga (anthology? series? short story?). If you got here before "properly" beginning, I suggest you read Paradise first to get a better grasp of this poem's story and lore.
I think this can semi-function as a standalone story.

Even if life prospers, it will eventually recede back to its original form. To ignore higher power is only waning its patience and delaying the inevitable.

Also, the apocalypse would suuuck.
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Submitted on
August 7, 2014